Notice on Applying for Health Declaration Form Online

From 10th November, all foreign passengers who are fly to China from Vietnam (Including KJ channel) could board flight with electronic version of Health Declaration Form. Under attached are QR code (Attachment 1) and link ( where foreign passengers enter login interface (Attachment 2), register with email address, fill out information, declare health status and upload Covid-19 test reports step by step. Electronic version of Health Declaration Form will be released back to passengers and presented as a QR code with the “HDC” mark (Attachment 3) after the application is verified by Chinese embassy/consulates in Vietnam. Passengers have to present QR code with the “HDC” mark to airlines before boarding.


A transition period will be set, during which application for either Health Declaration Form in paper version through email or QR code with the “HDC” mark through online is accepted. Please note that from 16th November, application for Health Declaration Form in paper version through email will NO LONGER be accepted.


If you choose to go to China via connecting flights, you have to follow the same procedures of getting two tests and board with certified QR code in transit country no matter you enter or not. Therefore we kindly remind you to read carefully relevant notices released by Chinese embassy/consulates in transit country in advance.


Attachment 1: QR code



Attachment 2: Login interface



Attachment 3: Sample of QR code with the “HDC” mark



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